Thursday, September 15, 2011


Children with New Puppy

The grandchildren got a new puppy. 

They'd been hoping and dreaming and wishing.  

Look at these faces.

Lucky children.

Lucky dog.



  1. They're so happy! This brings back fond memories of my childhood pets. Hope your grandchildren make some wonderful memories with their new puppy!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    The puppy is adorable - I was thinking the same as you : lucky children and lucky dog.

  3. Pure love - on both sides of the relationship!

  4. Sweet! Kids needs dogs and vice versa.

  5. The kids are adorable and I imagine how happy they are with this cute little friend!

  6. now the story adds a new character who will inspire many, many chapters in this book.

  7. Adorable beyond words...

    Beautiful grandchildren—and puppy (I sense an "old soul" ). They will get such pleasure from their new friend.

    I must share some bits about our three year old Black Lab. These things brighten my day: • She pulls out whole stalks of corn and carries them into the yard, where she sits and eats the kernels off the ears. • She picks green beans off the plants and eats them. • She spits out treats so she can get another one quicker. She repeats this until I quit handing them to her. Then she will eat all of the treats at the same time.

  8. I think it should be one of the ten commandments. Thou shall keep a dog.

  9. Beautyful beginning of what will surely be a great and wonderful frienship!

  10. The new puppy is adorable. Happy sigh and as you say, bliss!

    Thank you for visiting my Thoroughbred blog. Many excited shrieks this morning in our home when I spied your name and comment in my email. My sweet Maizie Jane (age 12) is a huge fan.