Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Observer

Sometimes when I am writing, I'll pause to allow the next part of a scene to unroll in my mind. I look out the window, gaze at the lake.  Yesterday, I saw a groundhog sitting tranquilly in the yard, gazing at the lake. Was he, too, pausing in his work to let his thoughts realign? Or simply to contemplate the serene lake?

I thought about layers: I was watching the groundhog watching, much like I, the writer, observe my character, who is observing/thinking/acting.

Later in the day, I noticed the groundhog had turned around and seemed to be watching me.

Odd feeling, that.  Sometimes when I am well into a book, I get the eerie feeling that the main character has turned to me, as if to say, "Well, now what?"


  1. Maybe groundhogs have dreams too?..I like this idea anyway!

  2. Hahahahaha Funny! These creative characters can wield some power over us.

  3. The groundhog seems delighted that you were thinking about him. When he turned around and looked at you, I think it was his way of saying thanks.

    Perhaps our characters are like that, too. When they ask questions, it's because they are grateful that somebody is listening.

  4. The little groundhog was staring into the lake's shallows, trying to think of the perfect words for a story he was creating to tell his little ones...
    Then he turned around and saw a window where a human was staring at--him!
    Strange creatures, these humans, he thought. They almost look like they're thinking about things...
    Happy Sunday and happy writing!

  5. What a wonderful thing to capture, Sharon. It is good that your characters ask you "What next?" I think it must challenge you to be more in their minds.

    An odd thing happened when I was walking the other day to convince me that groundhog was watching you. On my walking route, a dead squirrel lay in the middle of the road. Another squirrel circled the body. Upon turning around, the squirrel was still close to the other's body. Certainly they have some feelings.

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  7. Adorable... you must be quite interesting to observe.