Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When students say, "I don't have anything to write about," I think What? What? Are you kidding? You just need to look closely at something. Anything at all. Your hand. An eye. A leaf. A mushroom. Just lean in and focus. . .

The strange, stunning, giant yellow mushroom in the photos here was in our yard this morning. I've never seen anything quite like it. Had to get down and look closely. Had to grab a ruler so you'd know I wasn't exaggerating.  Look underneath:


Of course, then I had to mess around . . .

'Night all.  May you dream of stunning yellow mushrooms, but don't be afraid . . .


  1. An invasion! Oh no! Is it a flying saucer?

  2. Wow, where did that crazy yellow mushroom come from? Oh, the possibilities! :) I so would've been taking pictures of it, too!

  3. Incredible... the color makes it even more interesting. It appears quite buttery.

    I think someone or thing "planted" it there to get a reaction. Have you seen squirrel or groundhog lately?

    Love the figurine.

  4. That really is an inspiring mushroom!

  5. The same with my students, as you are right ! One just have to look at anything surroudning, or listen/talk to someone, taste or or something new to drink from a menu ... there is just too much to write ! if only one lets the imagine to a little "wild" ...

  6. How cute!Love this story,the little princess need a help there.I also imagine a brave Prince Charming coming right now!:)

  7. Mrs. Creech,
    My class & I just read your book "Love That Dog", and were wondering why/how you chose the name "Miss. Stretchberry" for the teacher name. Did you have a teacher with this name, or did you make it up?
    Mr. Hulstrom in Milton, WI

  8. I love that scene, Sharon! Your add-in character looks truly terrified. I also love to photograph unusual mushrooms.

  9. Mr. H.: A magazine editor named Ms. Stretchberry contacted me for an interview right around the time I was starting this book. It seemed a perfect teacher's name.

  10. That's a great point. Sometimes writer's block is when we're skimming the surface too much and filtering out the details.

  11. Your last pic makes me smile!
    Your students are like those people who always get bored and never know what to do... There's so much to see, to discover, to enjoy in our world!look at your mushroom!

  12. Your last pic makes me smile!
    What a fabulous mushroom!