Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Desk

Back in the writing mode.  Here are a few things on the desk.  Above:  Rotring T 0.7 automatic pencil; Sharpie ultra fine point marker; Pilot Precise V5 RT pen; and Magic Rub eraser.

Above:  small index cards and colored pieces of paper for jotting notes as I go - reminders of things to fix or include in current pages.

Above:  hot tea and cold fizzy water (usually with lime).

Above: what I call a 'fingerling' - a smooth piece of wood in a pleasing shape and pattern (gift from an artist/craftsman friend.)  Helps me think in between scenes.

More 'things on the desk' in days ahead.

Do you have a favorite pen/pencil and/or beverage that aid your work?


  1. Hi, Sharon! I love those Sharpie ultra fine point markers, too. I have them in every color of the rainbow.

    Your fingerling is really cool! I have orange silly putty that I like to shape between scenes. I also have a tiny slinky I like to play with in my hands. "Fingerlings" are good for writers to have. :)

  2. even if i did i'd never find them on my mess of a desk.

  3. I use a pilot precise V5 rolling ball pen in blue. Typically, I'll buy an extra big box of them. Some more of my bulk purchases? Mead composition notebooks (wide ruled) and Post-Its (any color except neon).

  4. I think a "fingerling" is exactly what I need! Whenever I am at a pause in my writing, I find that I need to keep my fingers busy to help keep up the flow of ideas. And usually, I do so in the form of picking at my nails. Not the best thing for my nails...

    It depends on what I'm feeling at the moment, but I usually turn to a BiC ballpoint pen or my Uni-ball Vision ink pen. I've also grown quite fond of the new Sharpie pens (the ones that don't bleed through paper), but they're rather pricey so I don't use them as much.

  5. Beer! Though I tend to get more play done then work. hahahaha

  6. Love the "fingerling"!

    Favorite writing pen: Black Uniball Micro.

    Favorite sketch pen: Copic Multiliner SP B5

  7. I use a BIC round stic medium ball point pen. I like college ruled loose leaf paper, too.

  8. I wanted you to know my family loves your books. Thanks for writing them and for your wonderful descriptions of people. I enjoyed the Ruby Holler book. I am amazed at the expressions of love between the older couple and their warm hearts for the children.