Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surprises in the Garden

This is the first year I've grown vegetables in addition to flowers, and it's been more fun than I ever expected. Everything surprises me.  Lettuce!  Tomatoes!

Green peppers! Yellow peppers!

Peas, sweet sweet peas!

And, most surprising of all--this (below) is going to be a cucumber. A cucumber!

Be still, my heart.

I apologize for all the !! exclamations !!  I can't help it.

I mean: did you ever grow a cucumber? 


  1. Isn't gardening fun! And, yes, I've grown a cucumber before. If you're like me you're running out there at least three times a day to see what's grown since the last time you were there and what's new on the vine!

  2. I have had my veg-garden for at least fifteen years. The exclamations are gone, but the happiness - in spring when seeds suddenly show themselves transformed into green sprouts, in summer after a day's work to go and get my meal from the garden - remains!!

  3. It's very special to have this opportunity to eat vegetables from our own garden!
    My mommy in our farm in Brazil used to have one garden like this. I miss my "place"so much.
    Thanks for this sweet memory!

  4. I grew my first artichoke a couple of years ago and it amazed me. I'd forgotten I planted it. And when I didn't pick the artichokes, they turned into these awesome lavender blue flowers.

  5. miracles, miracles, miracles all. and just wait until you taste something you've grown, something that was alive, pulsing with energy moments before it entered your mouth. then you will truly be in heaven.

  6. It all looks wonderful, Sharon. Mr. Brattcat inspired us to grow lettuce this year, and it does look miraculous!

  7. Looks like your garden is doing very well. Yes, it is exciting to see things grow!!!!! Mickie :)

  8. Your garden looks like it is doing very well. Pretty soon you will be eating all that stuff.