Saturday, July 16, 2011


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The hydrangeas are blooming: most bushes are putting out blue blooms, one offers pink, and one offers white. I've heard the ph of the soil determines the color. True? 

Go ahead, put your face right in there.  Mm, mmm.


  1. I've also heard the PH of the soil determines the color. I wish my PH gave me blue blooms because those are my favorite, but alas, mine are pink.

  2. Yes, it is true. Except you cannot change a white hydrangea to pink or blue. You can read all about it here at

  3. It seems you have your answer. Enjoy your hydrangeas! We have some on our kitchen table right now. They're blue.

  4. I LOVE hydrangeas. Just bought a pot this year.....still in the pot.
    Your cottage cheese lunch sounds yummy.
    I eat it for breakfast.
    Two pieces of low cal whole wheat bread, toasted.
    Cottage cheese (lowfat) spread on both.
    Snipped prunes, walnuts and milled flaxseed on each.
    Keep out of Birdman's sight as he thinks it's disgusting looking.

  5. Get this-- We took bottle caps and rubbed them fanatically on the stone steps, till the words Pepsi or Coke disappeared. Then we rubbed some more till the cap broke apart leaving only a piece of metal the size of a quarter. It took us days and with all the friction, it got HOT! Strange? Hey, we were kids!

  6. Elenka's breakfast menu? All I'll say at this point is, "Your witness!" hahahaha

  7. It's an adorable beautiful flower and it's a perfect close up shot!

  8. They are gorgeous! I don't know about ph...wait, Lois Anne got a PhT degree when I finished college...It was "Putting Hubby Through".