Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small Critters

 Mini critters seem to be multiplying here.  We're not able to keep real animals inside (because of travel and allergies), so these are stand-ins. I'm not quite sure why, but turtles, squirrels and birds are regarded as lucky in this house.

We'll be immersed in/with grandchildren the next couple weeks, so my blogging may lag behind.  Be well, everyone  . . . and may the good-luck critters be with you . . .

Do you have any good-luck tokens?


  1. Enjoy the time with the grandkids! :)

  2. Those turtles are pretty. Have fun with your grandchildren!

  3. What a beautiful menagerie you have...

    I spent the afternoon with my granddaughter, Samantha, yesterday. Children are so interesting to observe and listen to. Sami is six years old and likes to wear bright colors, layered shirts and long flowing skirts. Her look is eclectic to say the least. She often has 3/4 length pants or leggings peeking out from underneath her skirt and usually has some sort of necklace on. Such was the case yesterday. I had to giggle at the sight of her as she examined a butterfly that a friend had found in the parking lot. Although it was dead, it was still fully intact. She was quite intrigued as she bent over the coffee table it had been placed on and put her face as close to it as she could manage. She then said, "Wow. I've never been this close to a butterfly before." There was so much feeling in her sweet little voice. Loved it...

    Have a wonderful two weeks with your special little ones.

  4. I love the little creatures. I think I used to have a collection of dogs like that when I was younger, but I am not certain what happened to them. I'll have to check with my mom...or maybe it's one of those times when what I remember is not reality. I do collect small, symmetrical (mostly spheres) Lake Superior Agates (our state gemstone) and like to feel them in their wooden bowl when I pass them.

  5. I have a blue swan that resides in my office. It was once in my grandparents' front window. It has suffered a fall or two, but still 'swims' with me.

  6. I have a tiny pouch of 'good-luck' items that I've added to over the years...they all have special memories attached. One of the items is a buckeye that has a dent just the shape of my thumb - someone gave it to me during a camp I went to several years ago. I also have a grey bear pencil topper that reminds me of a trip to Kansas and telling stories with my friend in TN. I love your collection - tiny turtles are the cutest!

  7. You know, I LOVE turtles!
    Enjoy your time with the kids and take lots of pictures!