Sunday, February 9, 2014

And more orbs . . .

What does your eye see
how will I know
unless you show me
or tell me

For you, today,
more orbs
with a note beneath each
giving its origin:

Snow, mountains, sky


Single flower

Watercolor of flower bouquet

Charm bracelet on wood table

Have a favorite?



  1. Sharon, of course my favorite is your watercolor painting with its delicate colors & soft forms....the first one is surrealistic, brings to mind Dali...the tomatoes look like they are swirling around on an amusement ride...And their forms and colors are so intense...

  2. I'll go with the 'charming' bracelet. hahahaha

  3. The watercolor. For it's pretty colors, defined lines, and an overall sense of balance.

  4. I already left one comment, but don't know if it went through. Anyway, you are really good at this orb thing! I vote for the tomatoes and the single flower. I can see it now...a book inspired by what you see in one of your orbs (at least a poem)...with the orb as the cover.