Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Orb Directions

The following directions for making the orbs that I've shown in the last few blog entries come via Lori Skoog (who has a great blog at skoogfarm.blogspot.com ), using Photoshop Elements.

You might want to put photos that you will be using for the orbs on your desk top first (otherwise, you can find them in your photo library.)

Open Photoshop Elements.
Go to Browse to find and select photos.

Choose a photo and crop it into a square.
Go to Filter, Distort, Polar Coordinates, and select Polar to Rectangle...click ok
Go to Image, Image Rotation, Flip Canvas Vertical
Go back to Filter, Distort, Polar Coordinates and select Rectangle to Polar....click ok

Go to Save as and put down title and orb so you can keep things straight in an orb file.  (You might want to save to desktop first and file later.)

When you click off the original picture, don't save the changes.  That way you won't lose it.


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