Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Great Unexpected

Some people fear the unexpected



the unexpected

can be


For some time, I've been wondering if we adults are passing along too many of our own post-911 fears to children, making them too wary of the unexpected, diminishing much of the joy in childhood.

That was one of the seeds for this book . . . 


  1. I think my generation, the kids who grew up in the shadow of Adam Walsh's disappearance, has added a lot of our own special brand of worries to the current crop of young people.

  2. I just saw your note on PortCityDailyPhoto...I wanted to tell you, I love love love your books. OH my!! They are among my very favorites, & I thank you! Until retirement I worked as art teacher, children's bookseller, & children's room library assistant, so children's literature is dear to my heart. I look forward to reading this latest one!

  3. A beautiful book. Daniela gave it a big thumbs up!

  4. and what a miracle has grown from that seed.

  5. As for your comment, the answer is a resounding YES! I do believe we are raising, in some ways, a nation of 'pussies'. Sorry but I had to say it. My message to the ridiculous 'helicopter parents' of today... get out of the way, and let your children enjoy a childhood. I see it everyday. Have you given a hint of a theme here? Hope so.
    Now positive--- can't wait for the book. Brattcat stole my thought. No wonder you're thinking and photographing trees.

  6. You probably understand why most of my dear friends have cautioned me about taking the FB step... no filter. Sometimes.

  7. Such a beautiful cover. . . so warm and peaceful. I anticipate the moment when I get to see what is hiding beneath it.

    Children enter the world without preconceived notions. Can't we simply let that be?