Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Trees appear in most of my books
from the 'singing tree' 
in Walk Two Moons
to the blackbird trees
in The Great Unexpected

My characters, like me,
climb them
hide in them
hug them
kiss them
swing from them
leap from them
on one occasion
(do you know which book?)
chop one down


Tall ones
short ones
skinny ones
fat ones
young and old
green and yellow
flowery and plain

Love those trees!

From every writing corner or room
I've ever worked in
at least one tree
has stood outside 
my window.

Last week in Maine
I entered the most beautiful gallery showing:
Joyce Tenneson's
Trees and the Alchemy of Light

Mixed media pieces:
photographs transformed 
with gold leaf

About thirty in all
at the Dowling-Walsh Gallery*
in Rockland, Maine

*Although the show has ended, some pieces remain in the gallery;
you can also learn more about Joyce Tenneson here 


  1. I don't think I could live in a place without trees. They bring strength, peace, and comfort to my life.

  2. Trees are such integral parts of our society! They deserve some reverence.

  3. "Tall ones, short ones..." sounds like a song! I cannot imagine life without trees surrounding my home.

  4. I imagine the trees beyond your window were springboards for many wonderful tales, footbridges to adventure. Maybe YOU were the adventure for many curious birds and squirrels.

    Love trees.
    Love the Joyce Tenneson collection.
    Love this post.

  5. Trees are in our thoughts this week, I guess.
    btw Did you catch my text on August 2? hahahaha! I thought of you at the end. Ever win a kewpie doll at a local Fair?