Monday, June 18, 2012

Reading Corners, Child-sized

Several years ago, when we renovated our oldish home
we carved out several child friendly places.

This one takes the place of a closet:
the top level is a cushioned area
and below is a puppet theater space.

Both spaces have been
well used.

Did you have a special reading place
when you were young?
Or now?



  1. I'm able to read almost everywhere; Now, my bed or my sofa are my favorite places. I wish I had such a corner when I was a kid!

  2. My favorite reading place as a child was the outdoors. I loved to read and I recall many special reading places: beside a nearby creek, in the middle of a meadow, beneath a tree or on a branch, the front porch, the wooden fence near the barnyard

  3. J'aime les petits endroit feutrés...

    Gros bisous à vous.

  4. I love to sit summer evenings in my room next to this open window, book in hand, and let the delicate curtain wisp against my face. The Hardy Boys had me over and over. (wisp... is that a verb?) Maybe I just made it one.

  5. That is a wonderful nook! I wish I had a spare closet so I could make one.
    My current reading place is outside next to my herb garden, covered with a tulle tent that hangs from a tree and keeps the mosquitoes at bay. In fact, I just came from there, where I finished the copy of The Great Unexpected that a friend brought me from BEA. It was so lovely! I'm walking around with that happy "I just read a wonderful story" fullness in my heart, and I just had to thank you. Brava.

  6. My favorite space as a child was on my bed at home, in "the pit" at our school library, and in a cushioned, claw-footed bathtub at the public library. Now I read on my window seat or in a comfy chair.

    What a great space you have created for the young people who visit your home!

  7. Now that I am a "grown up" attending a university, I like to read on the fourth floor of the u's library. It is the "quiet floor". I go to a corner where there are these big chairs and I sit with my back against one arm and my legs over the other. On the wall opposite there is a big piece of modern art that I didn't used to like but now has grown on me, just the way that William Carlos Williams poem about the wheelbarrow did. Plus when I look up there is a big, wrap-around window looking way out onto campus.

  8. A very nice and functional idea!!!And it's beautiful!

  9. What's it about the 28th... so many things coming together. We have an afternoon wedding. Morning? When are you in the city? Headed to Camden? On the way back?

  10. there was a trap door in my closet to a crawl space when I was growing up. I stashed my typewriter in there and some books. Great use of a closet though!