Saturday, June 9, 2012

BookExpoAmerica BEA

I've spent the past week in NYC
at BEA (BookExpoAmerica)
a conference of booksellers and publishers
with authors, teachers and librarians
rounding out the mix.

High energy!

Loads of dedicated book people!

Above is my long-time editor, Joanna Cotler.

One day I'll also get pics of the beautiful, dedicated teams
that also support authors:
marketing, publicity, sales, editorial, art.
So very much goes into the making of a beautiful book.

Another highlight of these big conferences
is the chance to see and hear colleagues:

Me with Neil Gaiman

He told me that he and I are the
"only two people in the world who have received
both the Newbery (USA) and Carnegie (UK) Medals."
We toasted ourselves.
He has a beautiful way about him.

and then . . .

I shared some laughs with
Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snickett)
a funny, funny man.

Another funny man 
was/is Eoin Colfer
but I don't have a photo of that encounter

Some other great authors whose air I shared on panels:
Rebecca Stead, Joan Bauer, James Dashner, 
Lauren Oliver, Judith Viorst, Shannon Messenger

and whose inspiring words I heard:
Walter Dean Myers, Lois Lowry, Chris Colfer, John Green and Kadir Nelson

and now I'm back home
and there is work to be done




  1. Love your re-cap, loved seeing you even more, oh extraordinary one.

  2. All I can think to say is...Wow...(not loudly but whispered in awe)Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

  3. Toutes mes félicitations et merci pour ce partage photographique de ces heureux moments.
    Gros bisous

  4. Wonderful times! Thanks for sharing! I like the idea of "being one of the two only people in the world"...What an exciting honor!

  5. What a glorious time you must have had. I am quite surprised to see you with Neil Gaiman, the author of Coraline. I've mentioned the movie Coraline on my blog several times since my son-in-law was involved in the making of the movie. I believe he said that Mr. Gaiman visited the set on occasion. BTW, Coraline was the first ever stop motion 3D movie ever made.

  6. thank you for bringing us along with you. what joy to see and hear about so many beloved folks.

  7. Looks like, amid a busy week, you had some time to kick back play a bit. Work and play always a good combo... and a martini, of course.

  8. what an amazing cast of characters! thanks for sharing.

  9. SO good to see always! Hug and kiss.

  10. Dear Sharon,
    You are adorable and I love your smile! :)
    Glad that you are living this special moment, I wish you lots of success!
    and little Luna is sending purrs and love to your heart!

  11. Re: Coraline connection

    Mr. Gaiman autographed a copy of Coraline for Rob (son-in-law) when he visited the studio during the making of the movie.

  12. What a neat experience. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at such an event.

    Have a great week.

  13. Oh my, what fun you had. I am just catching up with you and I know that the other authors are just as amazed to meet you. My favorite is the shot of you and Daniel Handler... pure joy and mirth!