Friday, November 5, 2010

Reader Suggestions

I'm pausing today, having spent long days polishing a fourth draft of the next book. For a change of pace, I turned to some reader mail.  There's always at least one letter that makes my day.

This reader has already read these two books, Love That Dog and Hate That Cat. Both are novels-in-verse and are as much about a boy and a dog and a cat as they are about poetry and teachers and finding a voice:

This is what the young reader suggests: ". . . you should make a new one called HATE THE NEXT DOOR SNAKE. I can already read it in my head."

I just love that.

And now, to close with something completely unrelated (except that it is also yum), I've just made, for the first time, skillet cornbread and it is molto, molto good.  (Recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, by Ree Drummond, William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2009):

Go on. Have some.  Mmm, mm.


  1. Hey Sharon...who could ask for a sweeter letter! Wouldn't it be something if you took the suggestion.

    Yes, Ree D. is something isn't she? I have her cook book, but have not done much with it yet. She is such a character and has quite a writing style.

    It has been raining here all day and is plain ugly. There too?
    The horses have been in since 11 and now I have to go kick them out so I can clean their stalls (again) and get ready for evening chores. Company coming for dinner.

    Do you save all your fan mail?

  2. I have Ree Drummond's cookbook and what can I say...that lady can cook.

  3. Cute letter. But an example of ophidiophobia? Stand up for the rights of snakes :)

  4. M-m-m that cornbread looks delish! That letter was pretty delish, too. Congrats on completing the draft! Well done you.

  5. Lori: No, I can't save all the fan mail, but I do save 'special' letters.

  6. Priceless, Sharon! How wonderful that you receive these letters – I imagine you never know what your readers might say!

  7. Love that letter, and that child's beautiful lettering. Got a soft spot for that kind of thing...