Monday, November 15, 2010

More Distractions

I'm working at desk. Molto diligent. And then, glance out window. Is that a squirrel poking head out of hole?

Is that squirrel going to come out of that hole?

All right. I'm hooked.  It runs down the tree and onto deck and selects five or six leaves and crams them into mouth:

And then it runs back up the tree, taking the leaves into the hole/nest:

A couple minutes later, it repeats the process: down the tree, gather the leaves, return to hole.  After three or four of these treks, it emerges from hole and stretches:

First right side up, then upside down:

Then time for a pause and some sun:

Then a snack on its front porch:

And then some rest, perhaps a nap:

And then the squirrel starts all over again. . .

Its schedule is rather like my own: run around, gather things together, stretch, snack, nap, and repeat . . .


  1. Maybe he's Squirrel Nutkin, the only Beatrix Potter story to scare me (I didn't like the way he was trapped in that tree).

  2. We could use a few leaf-gathering squirrels here in our neighborhood. Beats raking. Very nicely observed, Ms. Creech. What a naturalist you are.

  3. Distractions like that are the byways of inspiration.
    I love your photos!

  4. Now I see why people call me squirrely. I do the same thing.

  5. Squirrels are such clever little creatures. I could watch their antics for hours.

  6. I enjoyed reading the squirrel escapades. What a fun little distraction! It must be nice to work right by the window. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, too :)

  7. I think you just published a nonfiction book complete with pictures :) My students would love it. They love any nonfiction book about animals.