Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boxes, Part II

The pink gift box with woven top is one of my favorites. I've forgotten what the gift was inside (candles perhaps), but I know who it was from and think of her whenever I see this box (every day). Next to it is a wooden puzzle box from North Carolina that my husband gave me for Christmas one year.

A gathering of little red gift boxes, all of them empty now except for the back center cloth-covered Japanese one, which has a perfume bottle inside. That one is also the largest at 3 in. x 2 in.; the smallest is about 1-1/2 inches square.

The above box was a gift from a Korean student. It is wood with fabric on the front of the small drawers,  stands almost 6 inches high and is 4 inches wide. I use it to hold earrings--simple ones, no diamonds, alas. It really needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Above are two empty boxes. The top is cloth-covered and came with a necklace inside, and below that  is a Florentine box, from Italy--in this case, the box was the gift. I used to keep letters in it.

Above are two Swiss music boxes, gifts from my husband when we lived in Switzerland (the front one from 1982 and the back one from 2007.)  They are small, about 6 in. x 4 in. and hold a few novelty trinkets. The green one plays "Nach em Rage schint Sunne"; the black one plays Rapsodie Sur Un Theme De Paganini.

This last box is perhaps my favorite of all, another gift from my husband, from Windsor, England, around 1984.  He found it at one of our favorite shops: one devoted almost entirely to old boxes.  It is 8 in. x 12 in. and holds photographs.

There are more boxes scattered throughout our house; I'll round them up some day soon.


  1. You have a very beautiful collection of boxes! I thought I had a few...nothing like what you have.
    Is it getting cold at the lake? Tomorrow it might not even reach 60. I'll bet the lake was rough today.

  2. I'm lured by boxes too. I drive my wife crazy, especially in junk stores, antique places etc. "What do you want that for?" Haven't you got one of those?" Are refrains I hear often. They intrigue me those. I'm envious of a couple of these.

  3. Sigh! Though I do have quite a few boxes, I think your collection is glorious! Red and pink are my favorite colors, so both your red box collection AND the beautiful pink box made me smile! I don't dare go box crazy because my housemate already glares at me over my book collection and my craft supplies. So I'll just visit YOUR impressive display of lovely boxes!

  4. What a wonderful collection. Mr. Brattcat is a maker of boxes and I, also, have quite a few. I love the idea of your boxes holding potential stories. Each one, of course, has a story in its creation...probably, for several of them, many stories. Wouldn't it be fun to run with this idea, Ms. Creech?

  5. Wow! I'm jealous! I LOVE the last one from England.

  6. I suddenly have an urge for lunch.

  7. LOVE the pink box. It seems so full of possibilities!!

  8. I love boxes, too, despite what Birdman says. I just feel that they should serve 2 purposes: Good to look at and useful, too.
    I do like 'making' them, tho.

  9. great boxes :-) Windsor is not that far from us !


  10. It seems that I'm in the majority with a love of boxes. I even love plastic ones and I'm forever trying to get my mother to put "stuff" in them in order to declutter. She's 89. So far I've not succeeded!

    Thanks for visiting my place and your nice comments.