Friday, October 8, 2010


Last week I wrote about an accumulation of boxes. This week I noticed another clump of objects that have found their home in our home:  rocks.  I love rocks--their solidity, their texture, their permanence. I love to sit on them, walk on them, hold them.  Usually, I like rocks in their natural habitat–outdoors–but a few special ones take pride of place on my desk or night stand.

The large one above at top left was a present from my daughter when she was four; the rock is from northern Virginia.  At top right is a flattish rock with great bumps and mottling, from Lake Chautauqua in western New York.  Bottom left is a special hunk from southern Switzerland, and the one at bottom right, a gift, is from the coast of southern England.

The above two rocks are particularly special. They're from Maine, gifts from my grandchildren.

I use each of the rocks as paperweights or simply as reminders of all that is simple and perfect. I cannot tell you what kind of rocks they are; I'm no specialist.  Perhaps you will know. . .


  1. My son loves to collect rocks and loves their different shapes/forms/textures. I like the drawing on yours :)

  2. Alas, the only collection of rocks I have are the ones in my head.

  3. I have a small rock from the top of Katahdin... sitting on my desk, holding stuff down too. It keeps me(I hope) heading forward, with strength. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. A good friend lives on Lake Ontario and she gave me a rock she picked up on the beach. She wrote on it... "it takes a long time to grow good friends." Also have a few heart shaped small rocks. I especially love the ones from your grandchildren.

  5. Thanks for visiting my camera critters post yesterday. I love your post today because my home is filled with beautiful white pebbles that I always pocket and bring home from Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin. When I see them, touch them and dust them, too, I recall good times over many, many years in that beautiful cove. I also brought MN rocks to Israel and placed them on Otto Shindler's grave. Who would guess that rocks and pebbles could be so important?!

  6. I don't know what kind of rock they are but they have great sentimental value for you. That's all that counts.
    I like your post, thanks for sharing your treasures.

  7. I love rocks too. They are on my windowsills, my mantel, in bowls and baskets... I share my love with lots of children - very few adults. So glad to know you like them too!

    You might enjoy my nature journaling blog... check it out here:

    Thanks for all your great books - i've enjoyed them all!