Monday, November 3, 2014


So one day it was like this
all dozy mesmerizing autumn
two days later 

giant nor'easter
blows into town
lashing power lines
and blasting trees

and yet
amid the
no heat
no water
no power

these candles
allowed me to 
straight through
to the
of a first draft

oh yeah
that felt soooo good.

You writers out there
will know the feeling,



  1. Both of those scenes are mesmerizing. And there is nothing like a power outage to get me writing!

  2. Bonjour,

    Une transition qui me semble difficile en ce qui me concerne moi qui n'aime pas le froid et la neige !...
    Nous avons eu la chance de profiter d'une très belle arrière saison qui semble vouloir se gâter aujourd'hui avec l'arrivée de la pluie... j'ose espérer que la neige ne viendra pas !
    Belles photos...

    Gros bisous ☂

  3. Way to go Sharon. Keep going.....
    You inspire us!

  4. Some of my best writing has been during times when we've been "housebound". Just looking out the window is inspirational.

  5. Such striking contrasts between the 3 photos.

    Congratulations on completing your first draft during this "dozy mesmerizing autumn."

  6. I heard you guys got hit good. Got power? We were in candle-mode for only about 3 hours. I was reading by candle light. Does that count? Does 1st draft go via mail or online to your editor?

  7. Without power for 26 hours; all is well now. Surprised that we got hit harder than you did. Reading by candle light earns you points, yes. RE: 1st draft stays here; I'll do a couple more drafts before it goes by mail to editor.

  8. Writing straight through to the ending? Amazing! I sure wish I had a snowstorm without power. As it is now, I have every distraction available to me. Which makes each of my pages come out very, very slowly.

  9. When you are on a roll, nothing can stop you.

  10. Bravo, félicitations, complimenti! Writing by candlelight,..sigh...Sharon, thank you for catching the contrast from that one day to the next. It happened so quickly, so very astounding...

  11. What a gift to be given and to accept. SO glad you could find the space to write. Cannot wait to see the results. xoxo