Saturday, November 15, 2014

Second Draft

Sono in giardino
I'm in the garden.

It's a sign I often saw
hung on doors 
in spring and summer
in Montagnola, Switzerland.

I'm deep now into a second draft
of the newest book
doing a lot of planting and weeding
of words.

Sono in giardino
hangs on the office door.


(P. S. If you click on 'giardino' in the column at far right, you'll see a similar post with this sign from 2010, but in that instance, it meant I was taking a break! )


  1. Love that you are "planting and weeding words." Cannot wait to read what you harvest.

  2. There are many, many ways to" be in the garden" ..Glad to read you went back to your special "gardening" ! :o)

  3. Our garden is one of my most restful places, when my world gets crazy. I like to take a book there sometimes. It's my time. Enjoy your weeding. Is it more strenuous with frozen ground? Grin.

  4. Can't beat a garden. Looking forward to your next book to see what is growing up there.

  5. Fertile ground. I can't wait to see what your garden grew.

  6. Hello to you, way down deep in your word garden! I love the pretty sign.