Friday, September 13, 2013

The Original Cubism

Wicked storms blew through
trees down
power out for twelve hours

One result, from the fridge: 

My husband calls it

'the original Cubism'



  1. Your husband's commentary made me giggle. :)
    Glad your power is back now! The wind was howling through here last night, but we never lost electricity (much to my daughters' disappointment).

  2. When life gives you storms, make sculptures! It's pleasing, this cubism!

  3. Such a clever comment. The picture is great too, as though he is looking down contemplating the sculpture in his hands.
    Just want to say I picked up The Boy on the Porch and cannot put it down. My students want to steal it from me because I keep sharing snippets. They are huge fans!

  4. Reminds me of our 1998 ice storm to remember... or forget. 9 days, no power! That put us in our place. The fridge was dry, but the outdoors looked like this. Once in a lifetime, please.

  5. Ouch! It looks like someone took a bite out of it. Shouldn't be hard to find them. They're likely missing some teeth.