Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maine Move, continued

The main reason we moved
to Maine

was to follow
the beloved grandchildren

who also recently moved
to Maine

and another good reason

a seemingly endless
endless beauty.

I think we're going to

Have you moved lately?
Do you want to?
Are you already where you most want to be?



  1. It's beautiful Sharon. You must be unpacking, unpacking, unpacking.

    Yep, I am already where I most want to be.

    1. Lori: We're not unpacking yet. Everything went into storage until we find a permanent house here. xx

  2. My daughter spent four years at college in Maine (Bowdoin) and we always wanted to move back there. Maybe someday.

    In the meantime, I can enjoy it vicariously through you.

  3. I know you are going to like it there and I know I am going to continue to be inspired by your writing and your photographs. LOVE that endless coastline.

  4. Just moved this summer from WNY to West Chester, PA to teach at WCU. I'm just getting caught up on your blog documenting your move, and have to say that I agree about the boxes of books! I'm an English Ed person, so of course I have my own personal collection, my professional collection, the YA, the children's lit books, and then the books that belong to my own children. Our move would've been a bit less expensive, but our lives would be less rich without work like yours! Thank you Ms. Creech and enjoy your new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sharon,

    You'll be near your grandkids AND the ocean???? Great move! I admire the love you have for your family. (I know my family loves me, but no one's ever moved to live near me. Maybe if I lived near the ocean...?)

    Someday, when I have the bravery to uproot, I, too, will live near the sea. I think, at least, my family will visit me. : )

    Enjoy your new home.


  6. Maine is gorgeous. My father used to live in Damariscotta, and now he lives in Camden. If the winters weren't so long, I'd consider moving there someday.

    This summer, I moved from Cambridge, MA to Arlington, MA. We moved because we couldn't afford a bigger place, but I'm glad we did. We have more parks and we're in walking distance to town. The biggest downside is I've left all the famous authors in Cambridge. The only famous person from Arlington invented the roller coaster.

  7. Oh how you made me smile.. I'm where I want to be, Portland Maine, but I also have one tentacle looking to Belfast...Your Camden Rockland area is heavenly, I'm so happy for you...The Camden Hills also give endless opportunities for experiencing beauty. And the summit of Mount Battie is for me a sacred place, always...

  8. I have always wanted to visit Maine, but for now I am stranded in a dull suburb. Fortunately, I have my husband and children and two poodles to entertain me. And lots of books. And two lakes nearby.

    We spent a few days on the north shore of Lake Superior this summer, and I haven't been able to shake the urge to go back. I would love to live up there some day.

  9. Thinking of you both as you readjust to a new place - you have done it before many times and hope that experience helps you! We have just moved to London - it feels strange in some ways to be in a country where we can speak the language and where you have to follow the rules. For now it is where we want to be and I am so enjoying the chance to delve deeply into a subject I have been waiting to learn about for a long time. I am trying to reflect on this at
    We have had to significantly downsize over the past two years - from a 30 year international family life to a couple in a central London flat. The hardest to reduce are as you say the books, and art work that all has a meaning and a connection.
    All best wishes, Jocelyn

  10. Wonderful that you will be with family and there to have an impact on your grandchildren.

  11. Your place is beautiful. What a lovely place to be <3

    I've never moved from Kent, but I'd like to, someday. maybe when I grow up.

  12. I am where I have always wanted to be -- I even said so in my high school yearbook, circa 1971, in New Jersey. Maine is home to me. So, welcome, Sharon and Lyle! I'm so glad you've come to my state. ;)

  13. I moved to Maine last November. I'm a snowboarding instructor, and having the view from the top of the mountain is incredible. Welcome to Maine, I hope you love it!