Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pearl in England: Point of View

Many of my stories are written in the first person point of view
because I like that intensity of focus
of being completely in the mind
of the main character

seeing what she sees
feeling what she feels

The above girl could be one of my characters
but instead she is my granddaughter Pearl
visiting England
where my husband, children and I lived
for many years.

I am eager to hear what she's thinking and seeing and feeling.
I am eager for her point of view.

top photo: at TASIS England School, checking out the Peter Rabbit Garden, 
planted by the lower school.
bottom photo:  at Kensington Palace, London.


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, yes, surprise, surprise: rain in England.

  2. I like the first person approach.

  3. Nice that Pearl is getting this life experience.

  4. Does she keep a journal? I wish I had done more writing at her age to witness all the changes in my thinking at a later age.

  5. never fear....I am not doing any of the work....