Tuesday, May 15, 2012

California Dreamin', part 3

For this last glimpse of Davis, California
I offer you this
from the central park

Overhanging the bench -

I'd never before seen an artichoke growing
and it made me laugh
to see it so boldly there.

The first thing that came to mind
was a descriptive paragraph 
written by one of my 11th grade English students
nearly 30 years ago.

The student described a woman in a blue scarf
standing in an artichoke field.

The image was so vivid that I've carried it in my mind
all these many years -

So intriguing, the words and images
that stay with us,
don't you think?

A woman in a blue scarf
standing in an artichoke field.



  1. J'adore les artichauts qui sont un peu l'emblème de la Bretagne...
    J'en ai peint dans une toile pour symboliser mon gendre!(il est breton) car pour tout vous dire dans ma toile figurait une petite femme enceinte (ma fille)...
    gros bisous

  2. Words really do stay with us. They can be so profound! Love seeing this artichoke. It seems quite bold itself.

  3. Your last quote could be a good beginning for a writing class!

  4. A gazing ball for someone who thought artichokes grew like cabbage.

  5. What a surprise! I wondered how they grew and appreciate the image - and that of the woman in the blue scarf.