Saturday, May 12, 2012

California Dreamin' and Being . . .

Book tours have often led me to coastal California
to San Francisco, Los Angeles,
San Diego, San Jose

but this past week I've been in the central valley
flying into Sacramento
and then on to UC-Davis
where I worked with teacher candidates.

Near my charming cottage/inn
was a small park with elegant gardens
and each morning before the workshops
I spent time here.

Amid the roses and lavender and scores of native plants
were intricate mosaics
and sculptures

Even the waste containers were decorative:

More tomorrow from this special park
but first I need to say
that as special as the park is - 
the people I've met at UC Davis
are even more special:
one of the most memorable trips ever -
and I came away with such hope
and a very full heart.



  1. I'm a former teacher and have no idea what a teacher candidate is! :) Could you please elaborate?

  2. Also, I got a copy of your ARC at IRA...

  3. Caroline: Teacher candidates (maybe that term isn't correct?) = degree candidates? Students getting their teaching credentials for Calif. and also in a master's program.

  4. It looks like such a wonderful place to spend time. If the opportunity had arisen, hours would be spent there as I acquainted myself with every corner of that lovely garden.

    Sweet sentiments in the last paragraph. . . It sounds like you had a truly meaningful visit.

    Welcome back. . .

  5. Lucky students. Sounds like you had a great time.

  6. it's just magic when a bond forms between the hosts and the guest. sounds like there was plenty of magic a foot in california.

  7. Wow! Some wonderful sculptures and art abound here among the flowers. Good to have camera at the ready.

  8. Are you still there? Would LOVE to take you to coffee, lunch, dinner, you name it! I'm so close! And our new Cal grad will be in that program at UCD next year.

  9. I think "teacher candidates" is the correct term. Lovely garden.