Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Things for Small People


The grandchildren are coming--we get so excited! All around the house are small things for their small hands: small figures (our grandson calls them his 'guys'), small books, small houses, small animals.

We found the miniature (two inches high) pottery bunny house for fifty cents at a thrift shop. I probably love it as much as the kids will.

The blue shelf was an antique store find. The two frogs on bottom come from a local shop, Bullfrog Corner, a child's haven of toy animals and critters.

The white bear, also from Bullfrog Corner, is not so small, but it is soft and squishy and beloved.

After speaking at a book conference in Savannah, Georgia, a couple years ago, we had time to stroll around and discovered in a small shop this etching of giraffes and elephants–perfect!

And finally, of course, there are books: on desks and bureaus and tables and shelves, on floor and counters and beds. Books, books, books.

With all the small things, the kids make up their own stories, and when they're done, we read the books, books, books. Of course there are books!


  1. Of course there are books!!
    You seem like a wonderful grandparent! Lucky kids.

  2. Good times are coming up. Enjoy. What a collection of goodies for your grandchildren to play with.

  3. I love small things! And "kid books". Rediscovering the books and the things as an "adult" is great. Mini-time machines. :) Lucky kids indeed!

  4. I think I have mentioned this before-- I'm intrigued by miniatures... books, paintings, photos, toys( I had such fun with all my son's matchbox cars and trucks), anything really. I have a couple of toy soldiers on my office desk(shhhh don't tell Woody from Toy Story). Quite cool. I'm such a kid!

  5. Grandkids are the "little things" that make life worthwhile. Although I now have a visiting cranky granddaughter here for the day, and I'm not too sure.... Just kidding!!

  6. I had a visit from a couple small people this week. My six-yearold granddaughters were on spring break. They would love your collection of small things. I like to peak the girls' curiosity with things that are a little unique.

  7. I love the bunny house!perfect for the kid inside of me..:); Talking about arrivals,
    "Brattcat" arrived today!It was such a pleasure to meet her at least!I'm sure she would like the bunny's house too Ü

  8. Sharon, We just finished reading Ruby Holler (actually I should say I did, I was reading it to my 5 & 7 yr olds after finding it at a thrift store and loving the cover, but I was so engrossed that after they went to bed, I went ahead and finished it) - I'm now in the doghouse). I am so excited to find a new author to love! Our other favs have been Roald Dahl, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, a couple of books I can't remember the authors to - Drizzle; The Girl who could fly; etc, and now you! Thank you for writing such beautiful literature. We are anxious to get some of your other books. Just wanted to let you know you have a new family of fans!
    The BArtholomew Family, Las Vegas NV

    I'm going to do a book review on Ruby Holler in the next couple days, so check it out on my blog

  9. A house with kids is always a blessing!Enjoy your time dear friend!
    Lots of love to your hearts!

    *** Just arrived from Italy and today I'm trying to catch up with blog friends!

  10. All these little treasures whisper their stories. Small children can hear them. You have not lost the gift to hear them, too.

  11. Sharon Creech

    wow... finding your blog was fortuitous... i mean, i was just "googling" about one of your books (the one about Jack and Sky, the dog) and, here i am... loved your book, i have just read it last week...

    well... i think that's all i wanted to say. I am a teacher too, hope i can write a book some day :P

    wish you the best

  12. I remember the trips to Grandma's house as a kid .... some wonderful memories! I'm sure you are making wonderful memories with your grandchildren that they will remember forever.