Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beach Day

To the beach with my grand-nephew today. I've yet to meet a child who does not love the beach, all that wide open space to roam, and sand, waves, water, shells, and critters. Here's one critter we almost stepped on:

And here are a few of the shells that came home with us. We like the small, imperfect ones:

And you, do you like the beach?


  1. I live in Nebraska, but we were able to bring the kids to San Diego last summer. It was so cool to bring the kids to the beach for the first time!

  2. I've spent very little time near the beach but I am drawn to it like I believe we all are. It's in our DNA as part of our beginnings I suppose.

  3. My favorite up here is Crescent Beach. I love the shape of it, and the sound it makes when you say it. And Elenka likes it because it has nice restrooms. hahaha Guys and gals viva the difference! hahaha

  4. So many blessings in our life! The wonderful blue sky,critters, magnificent landscape, smiles...
    Bonjour dear friend,
    Your grand-nephew is so cute! Thanks for sharing your special moment there, I'm so happy for you!
    I wish you a week ahead full of lights!

  5. Oh yeah, I love beach!I like to stroll there, to pick up shells and to gather little things, to feel the sand under my feet, to listen to the song of the waves, and to play with gulls..

  6. I think Kathy is right about the DNA. I love the beach in every season. Though I have never lived on a beach, the moment I step foot on one it is like coming home.