Monday, April 11, 2011

More Spring

When spring springs, it surely springs--boing! Was all that bounty really hiding beneath the brown and gray and snow all these months? What a show.

Does it make you want to clean the windows? The house? The nest? Stay outside all day?  It makes me want to do all those things, but the new story is also springing to life. Let me out! it demands. Listen to me! Okay, okay, okay.

While the bushes and trees sprout hundreds of leaves and blossoms each day, I'm only sprouting five pages a day. That's a good pace for me, though.  I used to be able to do twenty pages a day, but stories emerge more slowly and carefully now, and they are more fully formed when they do emerge.

And after I write, I'm outside. Are you?


  1. Beautiful! I love being outdoors and spend a lot of time there. Spring has just arrived. I can't wait to see all of the magnificent colors emerge in my gardens.

  2. Outside.outside.outside. It's going up to 77 today! Gorgeous blossoms down there, and starting up here. This morning I started cleaning our indoor arena. On Sunday we are having the after party for Sankofa (dance and drum ensemble from SUNY Brockport). I hope they all bring their drums! Anyway, pigeons keep going in the barn, and they make one heck of a mess. The house is next!
    VERY windy out there.Sounds like you have a grip on your writing!

  3. I have spent much time outside lately. Especially after being indoors all winter. Like you, I am cleaning the nest!

  4. It's a beautiful Spring day in Nashville and I am appreciating it even more with the book "Chasing Redbird" on my mind, having finished it only minutes ago and running to my computer to write a blog review and look you up on the web. Thank you for writing such a story!

    If you'd like to check out my thoughts, they are at:

    Wendy Lawrence

  5. Spring seriously does make me feel like spring cleaning, especially washing my car. My family and I also go on hikes. The wildflowers are fantastic. Spring beauties, hepatica, trillium, violets, bouncing bets, skunk cabbage, trout's all marvelous!

  6. I love Spring time, and your pictures are beautiful!I love flowers, always a gift to our hearts! ;)
    Happy weekend

  7. My favorite thing about spring is when I hear the swallows coming back;The first time I hear them is a joy every year.That's one of my favorite sounds.

  8. outside, sometimes even before "five pages".