Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Terrain


I tried to get these two photos side by side in order to show the wide expanse of our frozen and snow-covered lake, but I was not able to merge them as I hoped.  That's my husband out there, testing the ice.  It felt as if we might be on the Alaskan tundra: snow as far as the eye could see and, except for the thin line of the opposite shore, a beautiful blue-white light enveloping all.

We followed many animal tracks. Deer tracks led in a straight line across the lake; rabbit tracks disappeared into bushes; and squirrel tracks (below) led from tree nests to holes dug in the snow and dirt to retrieve nuts, and back to tree and up to nest:


  1. When I grew up on Chautauqua Lake, I too thought we were living on the edge of the Alaskan Tundra in the winter. Very stark, yet beautiful. We got blasted with over a foot of snow today.

  2. Beautiful scenery. It looks very cold though - I feel quilty complaining about our little snow today.

  3. Amazing photos, Sharon. It truly is a vast expanse of what appears to be white nothingness. But the tracks intrude to delight us with the reality of creatures living amidst that not-so-barren landscape!

    Did you ever wonder if animals follow each others tracks in a situation like this?

  4. Life, lakeside. A beauty year round. BTW: Breaking fast with pizza? Ya, tomato paste,cheese bacon, chunks eggs. Basically anything that is on an omelet is fair game. DELICIOUS!