Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Caps

While the latest manuscript is with editor and I'm awaiting comments for revision, it is time to fill up the internal well.  Breathe. Get outside and gape.  The latest snows have left soft caps and puffs everywhere:

I like this one on a bird's nest:

And these in the pines:

The snow is so light and soft and white that you want to eat it or lie down in it.
Well. At least I do.


  1. The cap on the light reminds me of a drum major's hat, just maybe a little askew!

  2. Let's do it! Did I hear someone say... snow angels?

  3. i like the nest pic the best. our snow has melted quite a bit today for which i am grateful! thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting, i look forward in following you!

  4. hee hee...
    You are welcome to take «Louis'» place lying down in the snow...
    «Louis» doesn't "do" winter well...

  5. Just beautiful! It is nice to hear about snow in a positive way sometimes. Grown-ups often forget the wonder, and focus on the drudgery of winter instead. Thank you!