Saturday, December 11, 2010

Turning Points

Two weeks ago, on the day I finished the last draft (of this round) of the new book, a few dozen white birds landed on the lake. Swans? Snow geese? Perhaps one of you can tell us what they are.  Beautiful they were, but short stay visitors. Off they went to the south, and off my manuscript went to the east, to editor and agent.

Then it was limbo time: catching up on delayed obligations while awaiting word on the ms.

The snows came, gently at first and then blizzardy all around, and now there is a still, frozen, white beauty outside:

When the snows stopped, the agent and the editor weighed in: ta da! All is well. The book survives. There will be more to fix and polish, but these first viewings are key.

Outside, I look back in and see the inside and outside reflected back and forth:

And it somehow reflects the book: I am in it and out of it, in every word and every image.

Maybe you will see my tracks:

The next stage includes discussions with editor and further polishing and revision. That will take anywhere from weeks to months. But right now, I'm relieved and content.

'Night everyone; stay warm if you are in snow country.


  1. A new book, a new book! Yay! I am ready for a new book!

    I done stopped writing (terrible) and took myself back to school. Not sure about all that. Earning a living and all.

    But you remind me to write. And to pay attention. And for that, thank you!


  2. The process....

    It has to feel great when you have a new book accepted. Hopefully, I can collect more of the ones already in the bookstores for my grandchildren.

  3. I'm making snow angels of joy all around those footprints. Can't wait to see a new story with you in and out of every word and image, a story that is a reflection in glass. Ahhh, this sounds like another gem.

  4. How very thrilling, Sharon! Congratulations – beautiful images and beautiful thoughts. Wishing you a festive week ahead. – g

  5. Wow so beautiful winter scenery there and lots of snow! Brrrr
    I loved those footprints!You are very talented!
    hugs and a nice week ahead

  6. What a lovely post...and I'm delighted that the book is moving right along. It can be a arduous process, I know, putting it into final shape. But how nice you've got most of the words down!

    I really like the way you tied in your accomplishment with your home on the lake and the weather...and I like the contrast between the scene with the geese and the scenes with the snow.

    Your reflection shot is especially nice...and it is a great metaphor for where you are presently.

    I think the birds are fact, I think I saw some in Colorado when we were there. Probably not the same geese, though! :-)

    Have a wonderful week on the lake basking in the warmth of your literary deeds.

  7. SC, love this post. Such 'poetic' words, so reflective, so symbolic. Work is done(for now), white birds on smooth water, the storm has passed. Rest up my friend.

  8. So happy for your ms acceptance. Stay warm!

  9. And thank YOU for all of your comments on my blog(s)...very much appreciated!

    When you expect to hear something re the mss?

  10. Well, congratulations!!! What a merry, merry Christmas! I'm so glad for you. I think this is one book I shall have to read...when it is published! I don't think I need to say have a wonderful's already happening!