Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Past

Well, there we are, me and my siblings, minus my youngest brother, who was not yet born. I'm second from right and I think I'm 10 years old in this photo. I remember that brown, gold and cream flannel bathrobe; these are not colors I favor now.

When we were all grown, my mother papered the wall behind us in a beautiful grass-cloth fabric. Two weeks later, my toddler son scribbled all over it with a magic marker.

Mom didn't bat an eye.


  1. This is so cute, Sharon! I love your sister's jammies.

  2. That's one cool cucumber!

    I told our granddaughters in Nevada about you, and will be getting more books. The 8 year old immediately downloaded Walk Two Moons and is already halfway through it. I'm reading it now too (was grabbed on the first page...and love your writing style).

  3. These family classics hold so many innocent, warm times. That's why we keep them close to us... forever!
    HNY 2011.

  4. That is a very cool picture. And your mom sounds like she was a very cool lady!

    Thank you, Sharon, for taking the time to visit and comment on our blogs. We appreciate that very much and we want to wish you and yours a New Year filled with happiness, health and prosperity (especially in the form of a "best seller"!)

  5. Love this picture of you and your siblings. How wonderful to have you as a part of this blogging community!
    Here's to another great year with city daily photos.

    Jan & Dave
    Greensboro, NC