Sunday, September 7, 2014

Away and home and garden bounty . . .

My husband and I have been away for a few days
returning to a place where we'd worked and lived for eight years
and although it was pure joy to be there
and be among so many old friends
I came away feeling dizzy
from such immersion
in a former life.
. . .
As soon as I got home
I went to the garden
to pick the newly-ripened produce
so crisp and green and red and new.
. . .
I needed to do that
I don't know why
 it steadied me.

. . .




  1. I get this. :-) Did you go to NJ?

  2. "such immersion in a former life . . ." I love how that reverberates and says so much.

  3. I'll bet I know where you went. It looks to me like your garden is producing some fine salad makings.

  4. Glad to be back to all kinds of roots?.. :o)

  5. Ya! Quite a respite, I bet, from the evil New York Thruway tolls. Made a batch of homemade tomato soup to try to cut into a bountiful tomato crop this year. These look delicious!

  6. Sounds like a nice balance, coming back from joyful visits to old friends to the grounding energy of your garden & present home...Very pretty, those vegetables...

  7. I think your home is very happy to have you back. Look at all of those beautiful vegetables she's been saving for you!

  8. Maybe we are more like the plants in our garden than we think we are, except our roots—our lifelines—extend in many directions.

  9. I needed this poem today... I have the opposite. I'm so immersed in new things it's making me dizzy. Maybe I can go look at some old letters and I'll feel steadied.