Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Our granddaughter loves cows
and we love being able to see her with cows.

The black and white ones are 
Belted Galloways
also known as Oreo cows.

One odd thing we discovered is that 
the two cows she is touching, above,
share names with two of my characters:
Zinnie (at left, as in Chasing Redbird)
and Zola (at right, as in The Unfinished Angel.)




  1. How sweet that she loves cows. I adore the Belted Galloway and have researched getting some for our farm.

  2. What great coincidences! I just looked at the book CLANCY THE COURAGEOUS COW today and thought of the Belted Galloways.

  3. These cows must like your books! Your granddaughter looks like a natural Cowgirl!

  4. That is funny. And I love cows - gorgeous!

  5. is this an example of coincidence or is this fate?

    1. Ah ha! Surely one of the great connections, as in The Great Unexpected, mm?

  6. Long haired Oreos, huh! There used to be a herd of what we referred to as "Oreo cookie cows" not far from here but they had short hair. I always enjoyed seeing this special breed grazing in the fields, especially the little ones.

    Here in Wisconsin, we are fans of cows; being The Dairy State and all. When my children were young, we lived in a rental house in the country. The barn was situated near the side yard. I'd never seen a barn as close to the house as this one was. Cows begged for grass by lining up at the fence. The kids loved it. I completely understand your granddaughter's love of cows.