Saturday, December 22, 2012

Faces: Father, Daughter

My father

one of the youngest photos of him I've seen

At first I didn't recognize him
because I knew him, of course,
when he was older.

Perhaps this is a high school photo.

Something about it seemed
so eerily familiar.

And then I remembered this photo:

Me, at twelve.

In-ter-est-ing, mm?

(With thanks to Cousin Harry for my father's photo.)


  1. very, very interesting. in my next life i'd like to study genetics.

  2. What an obvious likeness! Thanks for this glimpse into your past.

  3. One time I dropped over to see Mom, and she was busily putting together 4 photo albums of pictures and faces I hardly recognized. Each photo had names and locals listed. What is this I asked? "Albums for each of you. You'll want to know these people some day."

  4. Several years ago my youngest daughter ran across a photo of her dad when he was a boy and she thought it was of her. She was surprised that they looked so much alike. The resemblance you share with your father is as striking as my daughter and her dad's.