Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thinking Time

Every writer's office needs a comfy sofa, don't you think? Sometimes you just have to lie back and read or close your eyes and think or maybe . . .nap.

I'm a big believer in the nap as precursor-to-great-ideas.  The first page of Walk Two Moons surfaced from a nap; most other books of mine have leaped into life following a nap or a good night's sleep.

Sometimes the mind is most creative when you leave it alone.

As productive as naps, ordinary rhythmic pursuits like walking,  running, kayaking, skiing, cycling, ironing, and knitting also free the mind of clutter, allowing new insights and new connections to reveal themselves.

You do need to sit down and write in order to get a story down, and many ideas come while you are writing, but much also surfaces when you're not writing.

Take a walk. Take a nap. Leave the mind alone for a while.


  1. I seem to do some of my most creative work driving alone in the truck/car.

  2. As far as thoughts go, I'm a big napping and walking the dog fan. I love to run, but I find that time is for my brain to rest while my body works.

  3. I've been a creative type my whole life. As a child, I remember sitting by the creek, or in a field, and sketching. When I became the editor of the class newsletter in grade school, I was in "seventh heaven." Writing added a whole new dimension to the art thing. I love combining the two.

    I agree about the mind being most creative when left alone. It has been during difficult or stressful times in my life that I've struggled most with creativity. The ability to let go is essential.

  4. My best moments come in the shower. That's where I remember all those things I told myself "don't forget to" and have my most creative ideas. Singing is not included!

    P.S. Love the Jacobean floral print on your napper!

  5. That looks to me like it is the perfect sofa.

  6. I find knitting to be a great thinking time. Also, nursing my babies, washing dishes, and sweeping the floor--though other housework just has to wait if I'm in a writing/thinking mood. ;)

  7. I think you have such a charming and special place there!
    Just lovely!

  8. I'm nap addict! some say I'm lazy, but I don't think so.It's like a breath in the middle of the day!

  9. I've started, on the advice of my husband, writing down interesting dreams that I've had to see if they might work their way into a story. So far when I have tried writing a story around a dream I've gotten really bored with it. But maybe someday something from my dreams will work.