Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comfort Dolls

I first heard about making comfort dolls–to go to African AIDS orphans–from writer and friend Karen Hesse.  Although I'm not a skilled knitter, I can follow this pattern with ease; above is part of my bundle which I'll send off soon.

They are soft and squishy, between 4-6 inches tall, easily held in the hand.  More information and pattern at:

If you're interested, you might also want to google 'comfort dolls' and/or check locally. Some community organizations and churches collect the dolls to send on in bundles, and some focus on sending to other nations, especially post-disaster.

One unexpected by-product of making these dolls is seeing that each one takes on its own character; no two come out exactly alike. I like that.


  1. A woman of many talents! You did a great job with these little dolls...what a great cause.

  2. They're absolutely precious!

  3. The dolls are adorable. I see how each would take on its own personality. What a great cause.

  4. A great cause and your did turn out very sweet.

  5. I must agree. The are precious... great word! I've seen and held them. I feel good holding them. I can imagine how the children feel. Nice work!

  6. Such a beautiful extended family, characters you've created with yarn, and with the potential to do as much good for a child's heart as the characters you create with words. Now that is spinning a yarn, Ms. Creech.