Friday, February 11, 2011

My Editor

At left is my American editor, Joanna Cotler; that's me on the right. It is my great good fortune that Joanna has been my editor for most of my books, all with HarperCollins. Joanna is wise, funny, beautiful, kind, generous, and multi-talented. I rely on her to guide me from a strong draft to a great one with her astute questions and comments.

The above photo was taken when I was in New York a couple years ago, doing an interview with Joanna, conducted by Jenny Brown. Jenny's interview with us can be found at:

and continued at:

Before Joanna became my editor, I was also fortunate to work with three other astute editors: Marion Dickens Lloyd (descendant of Charles Dickens); David Gale, and Nancy Siscoe.


  1. So glad to meet you Sharon. I am anxious to learn more about your books. What an exciting career to have too. Good for you lady!

  2. Wow! What a great treat to get to meet you "in person" via You Tube! It was fun to put a "voice" to your words. I'm still anxiously waiting for my grandson to advance another year in age to start enjoying your books. His mother is a book reviewer and I've sent her your section on amazon to get familiar with your stories!

  3. Dear Sharon....I'm reading Unfinished Angel with SO much pleasure and admiration. Just loving it like mad. We may have to meet soon. xxxxMeg

  4. Quite cool to 'see' how and editor and writer work. And what a fabulous backdrop for the interview... an unmade bed. I love it. Looks natural. hahaha

  5. Dear Sharon, Love That Dog was my introduction to your work. After I read it (in the public library) I couldn't forget it---and how, rather than laugh out loud, still remembering the days of "Quiet In the Library", I smiled so hard it's a wonder people didn't somehow hear THAT. So, I just had to buy the next copy I could find. It still makes me laugh.
    I like your warm, organized workspace. Yes, I do have a workspace. Two, actually.The one most-used is downstairs in the long living room at one end of the house. When my aunt lived in this house, this room was only for special occasions. Though I write here, otherwise I treat it pretty much as she did, keeping my most valued collectibles in the large built-in shelf unit as she kept hers. She would be surprised to see the best members of my china horse collection, and the books on horses and painting, on those shelves along with my favorite old china pieces. Well, it all brings inspiration. Like her, I use the kitchen and small living room next to it, for company. The other work area is up in the room where I mat and frame artwork for exhibits. Very early I can go in there and write without waking up my birds downstairs, or the dog. On the built-in hutch desk is my old word processor which is good for first drafts. I'll use it until all 10 ribbon cartridges are used up. They are 9 years old.(How long do those ribbons last!) Behind the metal-mesh doors of the hutch are the books on writing, survivors of my weed-out session. On open shelves below, are books by favorite authors. Those books spur me on as much as the plastic Bergen horses and riders that stand with them. The desk itself is inspiring. My aunt and cousin designed it and hired a builder. No one knew they had designing abilities.