Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Lost' Dreams

When I'm in the middle of a near-final manuscript revision, I often have 'lost' dreams: either I am lost in a house or a city, or my purse or wallet is lost.  I either can't find my way out (of a house or city) or I can't prove who I am (purse/wallet = have proof of identity).

In the houses, rooms lead to other rooms, hallways wrap around in a maze, I can't get back to where I started, and I don't know how to exit.  This seems a pretty transparent dream of where my mind is in the revision process!

The lost wallet and purse dreams are somehow tied up with my identity as a writer vs. my 'other' lives as wife, mother, friend, sister, etc. Who am I? How am I going to 'prove' it?

I know, though, that I will eventually find my way through the manuscript and my various selves will not be lobbying for attention . . . and the 'lost' dreams will subside.


  1. But while you are lost, are you by chance wearing one of those wonderful dresses you designed in the other dreams?

  2. Interesting Sharon. For my last 13 years of teaching I was at the high school and had to be there by 7:30. We had 7 or 8 horses during that time, and I would go out to do morning chores around 5:30. Kept having dreams...couldn't get to school...the students were waiting and I just couldn't get there. Where were my clothes, why was it so hard to find my way. Crazy! I'm sure I was anxious about being able to do morning chores before leaving the house...I took the fastest showers in history.

  3. Kathy: No. . .I must have LOST the dresses. :)
    Lori: I had similar dreams of not being able to get to school when I was teaching . . .

  4. I am so appreciative of your amazing process, and of how much you trust you unconscious to guide you.

  5. Funny dreams, I think now you deserve a kind of break,time for yourself, to sleep well and then, go for a REAL shopping, maybe a new dress, beautiful as you use to create!

  6. I loved the sneak preview of the that art inside it? What a gorgeous tree.

  7. Your dreams are so intriguing, Sue. It's interesting that, now that I am writing on a regular basis, my own dreams are more frequent and involved. I am also able to remember them, which is rare for me.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment.


  8. Shame on me... I apologize for getting your name wrong in my previous post. Please forgive me for that blunder. I've recently connected with a nice lady in New Jersey, who also loves to write, and her name is Sue. I could also defend myself by telling you that my middle name is Sue but ,the fact is, there was no excuse for the error. Karen

  9. brattcat: The glimpse of art is not officially part of the ms. Usually I include a sort of tone-setter image with the draft, just before the title page . . .sort of like a temporary jacket image.

    Karen/re: 'Sue': I've been called stranger things. :)