Sunday, July 4, 2010

Land of the Young

The grandchildren were here this past week.  In photo above, granddaughter is in center, grandson at right.  At left is their friend. Within minutes of arriving they dove into the playhouse (an outlying one-room cottage we renovated several years ago--it's filled with dress-up clothes, art supplies and games) and emerged to perform a skit they made up called Celebrity Beach Party. Very funny, these kids.  I think Celebrity Beach Party was my favorite skit.  I didn't so much enjoy the one with the farting bear.

They also like to do 'movies': they come up with a sequence, pose stuffed animals, I take the photos, and we set up on the Mac as a slideshow.  Some of their skits were: Four Doggies; Animals at Play; and Friends on the Dock.  My four-year-old grandson likes for the animals to engage in fierce battles; the girls prefer that the animals all get along.  We used both indoor and outdoor settings.  Here is one photo from Animals at Play:

They are climbing the fence into the raised vegetable bed.  They want the blackberries.

I'm still finding remnants from their visit:


Sure going to miss those kids!


  1. Did the animals ever get their berries?

  2. Alas, the berries were not yet ripe and so they turned to the rose garden.

  3. hahahaha! These are funny shots! Ah, to go back to these innocent, frolicking times.

  4. Wow! That's really neat, and hilarious!

    How old are the kids?

  5. Bonjour Sharon!
    The kids are adorable and it's a CUTE post!
    You are very talented!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  6. How very creative! Kudos to you for providing such an avenue for them to express their creativity, too.

    Most of my grandkids sit around playing with little hand-held gizmos.

  7. I wonder who had the most fun?

  8. Grandkids are the best. I love when I have mine with me. I love the animal pictures.

  9. I'm glad to see someone else takes photos of their stuffed animals too!