Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Revelation in the Spooky Cupboard (7, conclusion)

Ta da!  At last, I've caught the critters inhabiting the spooky cupboard:


  1. How will you ever be able to leave them? But they will be waiting patiently for the next family to move in. And they will always live in our imaginations, eating their jelly beans and having a grand old time in the spooky cupboard in England. Thank you for introducing us to them...oh, and by the way, I really did see them move!

  2. Please note: If you've written a comment in a language I cannot read, I have to delete the comment. Sorry! (This refers to several in Japanese & Chinese I've had to delete.)

  3. Really good and very funny. Make sure you count the jelly beans.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  4. There might be more movement there if it was peanut m&m's that were there instead of jelly least there would be more movement on my part. No doubt about.
    Glad the mystery is solved.
    (My husband, Birdman, had a 'turtle' Blizzard at Dairy Queen today. Must be something in the air.)

  5. Well, this explains a LOT! LOL! I was trying to find a way to email you & tell you I have loved your books and read all of them! You have no idea how many EXTRA copies I've bought to give away! But THIS time - oh, THIS time you have outdone yourself! The Unfinished Angel - which I JUST finished reading this morning - made me laugh, cry, and pleasantly ache for ... something ... but I don't know exactly what. I just know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book, & Thursday I will buy OUT the copies at Barnes & Noble - then most likely order more - because I think it should be required reading for the WORLD. ALL 'peoples', including THIS 60-year-old ridiculous Comanche woman, not only 'childrens' NEED this story. Thank you for writing it! And the reason I said I now UNDERSTAND? After reading your blog, I see what a fun and wonderful spirit you have. You are a NUT! (That is my HIGHEST compliment, by the way!) Don't ever stop writing.

  6. One of the posts in another language that you didnt delete says "Hate a person, than to forgive a person, injured more effort", according to Google Translator. :D

    <3 Molly

  7. Kai: you are a goof! I am happy to be a nut.
    Everyone else: thanks for chiming in.