Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Diaz Art

Wednesday, June 3

Above are three of David Diaz's illustrations for Who's That Baby?  I'm not sure if it will be clear in the photos, but each has inspired the painted walls in one part of the house.  The Grandpa illustration hangs in the 'best' guest bedroom, where the walls are pearly blue-gray. The "Baby in a Basket" illlustration hangs in a golden hallway, adjacent to a wine red wall (not seen in photo).  The "Hold a Baby" illustration (also known in our house as 'Flying Lady') decorates a pale yellow wall adjacent to a coral one.

Here is the text for the poem that accompanies the 'Flying Lady' illustration:

"Hold a Baby"

Hold a baby 
every day:

dip and swing
and swoop and sway.

Hold a baby
every day:

that will sweep
your woes away!

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