Friday, May 15, 2015

Love Those Schools, cont. . . .

One of the bonuses
of living in Maine
and visiting schools in Maine
is that the scenery
is always
and the people
are ultra-friendly.

recently I visited schools 
in Jonesport and Beals Island.

They've been studying The Wanderer
and have developed so many wonderful projects 
based on their year-long theme:
Navigating the Storm.

Science, health, literature, art, math, music
incorporating all disciplines:

Below are some of the art projects.
I wish I could have included photos
of all the other projects
but at some point
I put away my camera
and merely drooled.

(More photos at above link to Island Readers and Writers)

Tied into the above weaving
are individual scrolls
on which students had written
private messages about their own storms.

Above: flag and radio code

Left to right:
Ruth Feldman*, Principal Chris Crowley (Beals Island), Me,
Principal Dr. Debra Lay (Jonesport), and Jan Coates.*
(* = Directors, Island Readers and Writers)

Thank you all, for an inspiring visit!



  1. I love when writing inspires art! The boat paintings are terrific. There is something so right about the solid boats mixed with the gentle watercolors.

  2. A wonderful tribute and what an honor to have such enthusiastic readers!

  3. Wonderful. I especially love the boat paintings!

  4. Love the radio codes. They have an energy all their own.

  5. More drooling, and I can see why!! Beautiful country there, far from the crowds. I salute those teachers who are celebrating the arts and integrated approaches to learning!! Lucky all of you for this experience!