Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maine is Busting Out All Over

Four weeks ago
this was a leafless, bare, brown landscape
and now
what an explosion
of greenery
and flowery

so dense and lush
it knocks out
your eyeballs

you can't take it all in
at once

you have to focus
on small pieces

and even then
you can hardly believe
such bounty exists

so casually

so delicately

you could lie down here
and say
'ahhh. . .'



  1. So lush and inviting! Is that a begonia I spy? It's a family favorite.

    1. Yes, it's a gigantic begonia! On steroids. . . xx

  2. Bonjour chère amie,
    Oui la nature est si généreuse en cette période qu'on en devient ivre ! La naissance de ces nuances de verts acidulés interpellent.
    Les fleurs jaillissent de tous les côtés pour notre plus grand bonheur. Je ne cesse pas de me fondre dehors et de me remplir de ce spectacle.
    Vos photos sont splendides et je suis admirative... Merci de ce moment d'allégresse.

    Gros bisous ✺ ♡ ✺

    1. Ahh, merci, merci . . . and it all sounds so much more elegant in French. xx Gros bisous --

  3. That's what I was doing (not lying down in front of computer , but saying Haaa.. ! )
    What a gorgeous garden ! Beauty of flowers is such a gift !

  4. So lovely. My bleeding hearts are no longer blooming, but the shade garden is still lush and green!

  5. How beautifully you caught beauty that sometimes seems so elusive in its magnificent splendor...(I don't think that makes sense. I think I'm knocked out by it!)

  6. just the the other day, i came across a great quote about artists.

    "We must take our cue from the natural world and vow to be like perennial flowers, stubbornly reappearing season after season." -Julia Cameron

    your post really reminds me of this idea! love the photos!

    1. Just the other day, I said to someone, "After I die, I'd like to be reborn as a perennial . . ." ! xx

    2. With my luck, I'd mis-pick and choose 'annual'. Where are my glasses?

  7. Are those blue hydrangeas I see?
    I agree..what a difference a few weeks make..
    I love it all.
    And that quote by Julia Cameron!

    1. No blue hydraneas . . . in the background, those are white rhododendrons. (And I luv that quote, too.)

  8. Incredible views in Maine. My eyeballs are now resting on the tops of my feet. Luv!

  9. So AGREE!
    June in Maine is such a great time for the words LUSH and GREEN. Elenka and I were just looking off the deck this AM and thinking this.

  10. We loved you poem, "Maine Is Busting Out All Over." The part we loved most in "Maine Is Busting Out All Over" is "so casually [picture] so delicately." We named it the "Double Word Describer." It made us want to put it in our own poems! It was very smooth. We want to keep on reading it over and over again. We loved your poem!

    Lawrence and Tyler - Grade 5, Fay School

    1. Love that 'double word describer' and hope you have fun using it in your own work! xx

  11. We really liked how you wove sentences and pictures together to create a clear picture in the reader's mind in the section of your poem where you wrote, "So casually/ (picture)/ So delicately/ (picture)." It really helped us understand the essence of this poem and how much the spring in Maine means to you. This piece really inspired us to pick up a pen and write about the seemingly magical spring. It inspired us to take a picture in winter from a certain spot and take a picture in spring from the same spot to look at that amazing difference. It also inspired us to make a poem using that craft move. The pictures of the flowers and the words enhanced our senses and we felt like we were in that picture. For these reasons we love this poem.

    Emma, Natalie, and Ely - Grade 5, Fay School

    1. Thank you -- I love that you saw the images in photos and in words and that you took your own photos to add words to! xx