Thursday, May 15, 2014


Here in Maine
we're learning a lot about 4-H
and farm animals.

Jupiter (above)

4-H-ers take on the feeding, grooming and training of the animals.
They also muck out the stalls and learn about showmanship, breeding, diet and health care.

So much to love here.

So very much.


For more about 4-H, click here.


  1. Very very lovely Sharon. You have not only the gift of words but seeing love in all the most important places.

  2. 4-H is quit popular in my area and nice to see the, "oreo", cow!

  3. sweet animals. sweet program. sweet girl.

  4. My comment has nothing to do with 4-H or farm animals, but I just read your book, Heartbeat. What a beautiful story. You captured in a few words the hopes and fears and all that goes into the birth of a baby - when the baby is born gray and not breathing - and the feeling everyone in the room has when the baby makes those first plaintive wails.

    I loved everything about this book - the characters, the friendships, the themes, the 100 apple drawings. Beautifully done.

  5. So nice that you get to be in Maine to share in this delightful world!

  6. Justin was a 4-H-er and I learned ALL I wanted to know about cows with him.

  7. No, not too young. Seen my kids carrying Ruby Holler( I like it a lot and Elenka read it as a read-a-loud to her HR), Walk Two Moons(Great book!) Love that Dog. One girl asked me last year, will we ever see 'love that CAT? Your call. hahahaha Hope to make a connection this summer.

    1. There's a HATE THAT CAT (which is really LOVE that cat in spirit) . .. And yes, gotta make that connection this summer.