Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's all about the snow . . .

It's been all about the snow
these last few days

You are hypnotized

You have to stop and stare

such a world
such wild and stunning beauty

The kids are going to have
such fun

such jumping
and flopping
and sliding

and digging out

and the sun and snow and shadows
are arrayed
before you

and you smile smile smile



  1. Yes, I do smile at snow (or at least the thought of snow)! Sadly, we haven't had much in Illinois this year. It seems to like everyone else but the poor Midwest. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I've almost forgotten what the white stuff looks like.

  2. Over the drift.
    Down the stairs.
    Between the bushes.
    Across the yard.
    Through the trees.
    Up the path.
    Into the woods.

    I think the Winter Fairies live there.

    Such pretty photos. . .

  3. How can you not smile when you see that snow?!

  4. The photos are fun to view, but I'm glad that I am not there. Spoken like a true Minnesotan.

  5. yes, yes, yes, especially when someone else does the shoveling.

  6. I smile, even if I need my imagination to hear the silence, to smell the cold, the feel the texture of snow...Sooooooooo beautiful and wild!

  7. I smile and wish that amount had fallen here!

  8. I'm trying to snap out of it. Enough already. Never experienced this much in such a short period. Here's secret: I'm typing this in warmer climes right now. Shhh!