Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fullness of Emptiness

We thought our home
emptied of its contents
would feel hollow

it feels open and inviting

we feel like dancing
in its rooms

we wonder:

why do we need
any "stuff"
at all



  1. Love this.

    Two things!

    First. Beautiful! You are amazing. I too feel like dancing when I look at this photograph.

    Second: I've been playing with the phrase, "stuff and substance" - seems to fit with your sentiment!

  2. I like your attitude! The space looks huge!

    1. Yes, it feels much bigger empty. We really are wondering why we are moving so much 'stuff.' Why not let rooms be emptier?!

  3. Those grandkids must be a 'draw' to leave those windows!

    hahahaha When proving I was NOT a robotnon your sight today, I had to type
    75 Pensuck! Too funny!

  4. We moved out of our previous house in part because it felt very cramped. When we packed up to move, we saw that we had a lot of space but had filled it.

    That is a beautiful space with a lovely lake view. I'm sure the place in Maine must have similar eye-catching qualities, though. Good luck with the final stage of moving!

  5. I know what you mean. I would just as soon keep all my stuff in the garage and have the house empty.

  6. A dance floor in the foreground? :)

    I'd say the so called "emptiness" is similar to having your lungs filled with the purist of mountain airs.

    Special blessings on your new life!

  7. With or without "stuff," your home conveys warmth; an invitation to come on in and sit a while. For those that know you, I'm sure little explanation is needed as to why.

    I think the fullness of one's life may determine the level of emptiness they feel under these circumstances. No better way than to kick off your shoes and dance.

    Have a wonderful move!

  8. I would want to dance and stir up all the memories your family has made there before leaving the place. Best wishes as you make the move to Maine!

  9. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture and thought-provoking poem. Good luck with the move. Your grandchildren sure are lucky!