Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love That Dog, Hate That Cat

Occasionally - no, often - in the blur of everyday normal chaos, things are forgotten.  I don't have to explain; you know how it is - birthdays, keys, appointments, gloves, notes, watch, phone.

And when you are writing a novel, you are trying to keep a thousand other details in your head - details of plot and character and setting and dialogue, of structure and tone and style. And then as the book nears publication, you are trying to retain details about book jackets and flap copy and marketing and promotion. All good stuff.

But sometimes you forget some of that good stuff.  Yesterday I came across a terrific teaching guide for Love That Dog and Hate That Cat. 

Here is where I found it:  Love That Dog and Hate That Cat Teaching Guide 

It has probably been there a couple years, and I had forgotten all about it. Great surprise!

So if you're a teacher or librarian or reader, you might want to hop over there and take a look or download a copy.  Free.

Cool, mm?  Love that publisher.


  1. Thanks for posting...I passed this along to my teacher friend, who is teaching "Love That Dog" this year! What a great resource...and I loved the interview with you!



  2. I used "Love that Dog" to introduce poetry when I was teaching 7th grade. The kids loved it every year! Thank you for crafting such lovely words. :)

  3. I will look at it. My teaching partner is reading LOVE THAT DOG aloud to 4th graders, and she loves gathering all the other poems used by Ms. Stretchberry to read aloud to the children. They love the connections. None of the books are on the library shelves...all are in children's hands.

  4. I am not familiar with these, but will have to find them for classroom use. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the link. I learned a few things from the guide myself. It is a wonderful tool to encourage children to express themselves through poetry. I'll be using some of your "techniques" with my three granddaughters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how you approach your day.

    It's nice to feel inspired. Your blog does that.

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  7. Thank you for posting this guide. I will soon be spending some time on poetry and this has some excellent ideas. I am excited to try them!